The image is the same as the 30 days to launch photo on the main page, except it has numbers written on or near people and it has been brightened to let you see those numbers more clearly. The numbers correspond to names of people given in the table below the image. Below the table are identifications for some of the people who were not identified initially and numbered.

This image with numbers and the handwritten original list of names was shared by Zolt Levay.

Here are some identifications for people without numbers. The directions are given as seen by you on the photo, not according to the people looking out.

Zolt Levay - look for his name behind Doug McElroy (#91)

Identified by Bill Hathaway:

Identified by Chris Anderson:

Identified by Al Holm:

Identified by Jack MacConnell:

Identified by Ray Lucas:

And here are some semi-identifications by Ray.

The guy on the steps on the left behind Shon Vick (#128) and in front of Mike Meakes (#134) was a French optical scientist of some sort, but I don’t recall his name at the moment. He may have worked with Pierre Bely, maybe?

I’m really not sure - hard to see in enough detail... it may look somewhat like I remember him or maybe not all that much, but the guy behind Jeff Hayes (#163) may possibly be Artashes Petrosian (well-known for Petrosian radii of galaxies), Armenian astronomer from Byurakan Observatory. I think he may have been visiting Brian McLean at the time? Brian may know if that is him...

The blond-haired woman whose eyes and hair are visible between Lee Hurt (#43) and Jay Travisano (#109) is still a programmer at STScI, and I think her name may be Christine Heller. And I think she was and is still married to another programmer still at STScI.

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Responsible: Albert Holm
Created: 20 May 2020; Updated: 21 May 2020