In 1984, Helen Holm Hobert published The Descendants of Olaf and Eva Anderson (91.3 MB in the file linked to here). There are some small errors, for example, my father's first wife is listed as Betty Seebore, but her real name was Betty Seehase, and it does not contain information about the descendents of Olaf and Eva's oldest son, Carl Johan Holmberg, but, nonetheless, it is an terrific undertaking and a great resource.

Ten years later, in 1994, Julie Holm Hively updated this work for the family of Otto Holm, one of Olaf and Eva Anderson's sons. Cynthia Sabinske provided a copy of this book, The Family of Otto and Caroline Holm (65.5 MB in the file linked to here), to me. This book includes Theresa Lynn Fenicle's story of her journey back to the Swedish homeland.

Both books have photographs which have not reproduced well in the copies, being very highly contrasted.

Albert Holm, 13 March 2018