Here are some pictures from our trip to the mid west in May 2005. We started with a visit to Paradise, Michigan, location of Tahquamenon Falls State Park.

Gail and Al at the Upper Tahquamenon Falls Gail at the Lower Tahquamenon Falls
           and Al stand on a platform overlooking 
           the upper falls at Tahquamenon. The root-beer
           colored water pours over the 50-foot drop
           behind them Gail 
          at the Lower falls at Tahquamenon
The Upper Tahquamenon Falls, 50 feet high and 200 wide A lake freighter passing the Lighthouse at Whitefish Point
The falls is viewed 
             from the gorge below. The root-beer colored water
             plunges into the river below and creates white foam.
             The photo is framed by trees. The
         freighter is sailing to the left. The light sits atop
         a large, white cylinder on the right of the photo. 
         Red-roofed, two-story, white buildings are on both
         sides of the light tower. Trees are seen at the bottom
         of the photo.

After a brief stop at the Seney National Wildlife Refuge, where we enjoyed seeing many species of birds, we went to Marquette. There we visted with Murray and hiked along the Dead River.

Visiting with Murray at the Jacobetti Home Gail at the Dead River Falls
sits in his wheel chair in the parking lot at the 
Jacobetti Home. Al kneels beside him. Gail in front of
one of the water falls on the Dead River in Marquette

In Iron River Al gave a talk about "Behind the Scene at Hubble Space Telescope" at the Iron County Museum. Here he is with the Bernhardts.

Al posing with Harold and Marcia
Bernhardt at the Iron County Museum

Al left Gail in Oshkosh so she could fly back to Maryland for the beginning of summer classes. Here she is visiting with her cousin Rae before leaving.

Rae Bottermann and Gail

Al then went on to Black River Falls to meet up with Carl, Terri, and Wayne. Wayne was instructing a diving class at Lake Wazee near Black River Falls, and Terri was also diving.

Carl and Al after breakfast at Perkins Wayne and Terri near the dive shop where they were staying
Carl and me in front of Perkins Wayne and Terri at the dive shop
Wayne in his wet suit at Lake Wazee
Wayne at the Lake Wazee dive site

After visiting with the siblings and before heading home, Al checked out some places in Wisconsin and Illinois where his ancestors had lived.

Here is the gravestone of Al's Mom's great grandmother on the Green side. It states that Anna Hechlar, wife of John Green died May 22, 1869, aged 56 years, 1 month, and 9 days. It is in the city cemetery of Marengo, Illinois.

Grave stone for Anna  Hechlar Green