The inscription in this album says:

Frida Sörqvist 
Memory of comrade 
Anna Olsson 
Christmas Eve 1904 

The album has 18 pages containing 50 photos. I sent xeroxes of the pages to my aunt Aurora Hovey, Brad’s mother Peggy Holway and to Frida’s great-niece Elsa Nordfält in Sweden.

Twenty-eight photos contain at least one identified person. Twenty-one contain only images of a person or persons whose name is lost to us. The 50th photo shows a child who was named, but probably incorrectly.

I scanned the images containing identified people in 2003, but only at a resolution of 300 pixels/inch. I should re-do that some time. Also I have not used software to eliminate scratches and other blemishes on the surface of the photos.

Eventually I photographed all the pages of the album and combined them into this web page. Then, for each of the photographs with identified people, I linked the album page image to another web page containing the scanned image and information about who is the subject. To see the identified photos, simply run your mouse over the photos. When your pointer is above a photograph with more information, it will turn into a hand. Click there to see the information page.

If you want to download a photograph for your own, use Control-click if you are on a Mac or right-click on Windows.

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