We had a get together during July 14-16, 2017, in the Twin Cities to discuss a family “pilgrimage” to Sweden.

Our reunion began with a Meet and Greet Fridy evening hosted in Jordan, MN, by Mike and Jeannette Holm, who fed us very well. We studied Helen Holm Hobert’s book The Descendants of Olaf and Eva Anderson, looked at family photos, and learned about each other.

On Saturday, we met at the Swedish American Institute, where we had lunch and then toured the mansion that had been built in 1908 for Swan Turnblad, publisher of the largest Swedish language paper in America, Svenska Amerikanska Posten. This building had an amazing amount of carved mahogany decorations. Next we visited the Gammelgården Museum in Scandia, where they have a collection of buildings dating back to the early days of Swedish migration to the territory of Minnesota. Our final adventure of Saturday was riding on a paddleboat on the St. Croix River, where we enjoyed conversations with one another as well as the buffet dinner.

The cousins at Mike’s home: Al, Gail, Daniele, Jeannie, Mike,
Tim, Becky, Chiana, Helena, Mark, Pat, Cindy, and Eunice

In the Turnblad Mansion of the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis:
Rear: Al, Daniele, Mike, Jeannie, Cynthia, Larry; Front: Gail, Mark, Terri

The Stained glass window in the Turnblad Mansion reproducing
the painting “Valdemar Atterdag Holding Visby to Ransom 1361”

Terri and Chiana leave the Immigrant Hus at the Gammelgårtan Museum

At our table on the riverboat on the St. Croix: Mark, Terri, Gail, Cynthia,
Helena, Chiana, Tim, Jeannie, and Mike

Another, smaller riverboat on the St. Croix

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