45th Anniversary of Launch of the International Ultraviolet Explorer

The 45th anniversary of the launch of the IUE was celebrated over Zoom on Saturday, 28 January 2023, two days after the actual anniversary. Two meetings were held to accommodate as many veterans of the IUE program as possible. Both meetings had a general session with speakers. The general session was followed by breakout rooms representing different interests. The talks given during the general sessions were:

George Sonneborn IUE Toast
Peter Perry IUE’s earliest days
Ted Gull Pre-launch thermal flexure fix; invisible target acquisitions
Andrea Dupree IUE commissioning and other GO experience; Observing SN1987A
Mckenzie Ferrari, introduced by Nancy Evans Lasting Archives: Combining IUE data with HST/STIS and Gaia
Roberto Gilmozzi Synergy between IUE and Gaia
Franco Giovannelli Coordinating observations with IUE and other missions
Jeff Linsky Some accomplishments of IUE concerning cool stars.
Bob Nelson IUE’s Role in Understanding the Nature of Solar System objects (second session only)
Gerrie Peters The IUE GO Experience: Then and Now
Albert Holm Highly interactive and highly collaborative observations of ZZ Psc (first session only)
Mario Perez The ULTRASAT Participating Scientist Program (second session only)

Seventy-two participants attended the first session. Click here for a video of the 1st general session
Forty attended the second session. Click here for a video of the 2nd general session

A gallery of some of the participants
in the first general session

Participants in the first session breakout room
for operations

Participants in the first session breakout room
for stars

IUE’s rapid response to the discovery of SN1987A
A slide from Andrea Dupree’s presentation

Dupree’s slide about napping during long
US1 exposures and being awakened by the alarm
or by the 4 AM smell of bacon from the cafeteria

IUE Commissioning Team member Jeff Linsky

The youngest participant, a U Mass student doing archival research with IUE

IUE Commissioning Team member Andrea Dupree

Prepared by Albert Holm
31 January 2023