From 1974 until 1977, Gail and Albert lived in two apartments in Park Village Apartments on south Park Street in Madison, Wisconsin. They left Wisconsin for Maryland in July 1977 when Al got a job with Computer Sciences Corporation, helping NASA operate the International Ultraviolet Explorer.

After temporarily living in an apartment on University Boulevard, they bought a Cape Cod home at 13500 Youngwood Turn in Bowie, Maryland. It had a living room in front, a kitchen and dining area behind the living room, two small bedrooms on the left and a bathroom between the kitchen and the back bedroom. There was a garage on the right with half of it converted into a family room (where the three tall narrow windows are). Behind the garage was a laundry and utility room. There was a bath and two bedrooms upstairs.

The family on the right was the Gordons and on the left the Lehrs. Behind the small woods in back of the house was the sewage treatment plant and there was an access road between us and the Lehrs.

Our home in Bowie, Maryland

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