This page includes photos from CJ Holm’s final month of pregnancy. CJ is grateful to Erika Kapin Photography for this magical, affirming maternity shoot!

Photo by Erika Kapin Photography of CJ posed by a tree in Prospect Park

CJ had a baby shower in Brooklyn with her friends, of which I don’t have photos.

Here are three photos from a baby shower in Maryland with family
and friends.

CJ and her HS friend Nora stand together inside the Lancaster’s holm
CJ, Teresa, and Annette are posing with the cake that Teresa made CJ displays a gift blanket while her brother Doug watches
At home CJ stands beside her Murphy bed in her apartment
CJ and Noa, both very pregnant, stand together while Noa’s 
               daughter walks in front of them Maya, Liz, CJ, Noa, and Jeremy stand for a photo. 
               The dog Pepper stands patiently.

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