There are three photographs on this page. Dust and/or other blemishes have not been removed from these versions of the images.

Ron, Bernice, Ed, and Edward Lee Koelper at the Busse reunion in 1998. Bernice, a first cousin of Gail, is the daughter of Elma Henjes, Ed is her husband, and Ron and Edward Lee are her sons. Bernice Koelper is standing with her husband and two sons

Edward Lee Koelper and his wife Susan at the Busse reunion in 1998. Susan and Edward Lee Koelper are standing together

The Koelpers and their cousin are lined up and smiling Ron, Bernice, and Ed Koelper with Leona Deeke Helmsoth at the Busse reunion in 1998, I think. Leona is the granddaughter of Louise Henjes, a sister of Fred Henjes, and Louise’s husband Willian Deeke, and the daughter of Henry Deeke and his wife Alma.

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