Kristen Botterman with her parents, Rae and Bruce, her groom Bryon, and other family members. Left to right: Lori, Brian, Sasha, Rae, Bruce, Deven, Kristen, Bryon, Jason, Colleen, Sophia, and Nicole. Brian and Lori are a pair. Jason and Colleen are a pair and Sophia Rae is their daughter. Sasha and Deven maybe Kristen’s children.

Kristen Botterman is: great-great-granddaughter of Fred and Ella Henjes; great-granddaughter of Elma Henjes Meier and her husband Fred; granddaughter of Loretta Meier Sanders and her husband Ray; and daughter of Rae Sanders Botterman and and her husband Bruce.

Bride and groom with the bride’s family on a patio

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