Gail took this photo of the passengers and driver of the coach that carried us around South Island, New Zealand in February 1975. Guy Paton is third from the left. Sheryl is mostly hidden behind the woman in orange standing in front of Guy. Rose and Bob Paton are the third and fourth standing from the left. Al Holm is the second person kneeling from the right. The coach driver is standing just left of center and is wearing a tie. The man on the left with the hat is the Texan and the woman with red hair next to him is his wife. The young woman in white pants kneeling in front is their daughter. The white-haired woman crouched down in the middle is Mary Bowie, who enjoyed a spot of drink and corresponded with us for years afterwards.

The Patons and Al Holm with the other passengers alongside the coach 
on which we traveled on South Island, New Zealand. Gail took the photo and is not in
the picture

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