There are four photos on this page.

Who are these three children? The oldest boy looks like a Paton to me. Compare him with the photo of the photo of Robert and George from the 1910s. Could they be Gail’s cousins, the children of George M. Paton, Robertl’s brother? Gail remembers two cousins, Donnie and Jean. The 1930 census lists two boys: Robert, born in October or November of 1927 and Donald, born in December 1929 or January 1930. The 1940 census lists three children: Bob S., aged 12; Don L., aged 10; and Jean B., aged 5.

Two boys and a younger girl, possibly the children of George Paton Compare the boy’s face with these from the photo with Bella.

Robert and George Paton for comparison

Dust and/or other blemishes have not been removed from these versions of the images.

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